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Measure Masters™, founded in 1989, is internationally accepted for providing an inexpensive system of combining accurate measurements with detailed CADD drawings bringing the real estate market to a new era of precision.

Accurate Measurement of Areas

Measure Masters™ specially trained field representatives will measure and detail all dimensions within a given structure. Specific attention is paid to the placement of all doors, windows and plumbing fixtures, as well as the identification of wall thicknesses. Following the site visit, Measure Masters™ unique CADD computer system creates exact, to scale, laser sharp "as built" floor plans. Area calculations of the completed CADD drawings (Computer Aided Design Drafting) clearly show every possible square foot of space. All structures are measured in accordance with industry and/or BOMA standards with areas certified by Measure Masters™ $1,000,000 errors and omissions insurance performance bond to an accuracy as precise as 1/10th of a square foot.

A Realtor Listing Advantage

Discriminating sellers award their listings with confidence when realtors offer the Measure Masters™ detailed visual product. Additional square footage is often realized further contributing to favourable Realtor/client relationships.

Attractive Marketing Drawings

Measure Masters™ Attractive computer drawings provide a floor plan that is a clear and effective way to assist in the sale or lease of property to prospective buyers and tenants.The letter size drawings enable Realtors to discuss size and area configurations on site or by long distance via fax. Plans are also available in full scaled blueprint size and/or on diskette format compatible to your architect’s computer requirements.

Renovation Plans

Measure Masters™ scaled drawings or computer files can be used by architects and interior space planners for quotation purposes facilitating repairs, renovations or expansions to both commercial and residential properties. In addition, these plans are often useful for the acquisition of building and occupancy permits.

A.D.A. Compliance Drawings

Scaled dimensions of existing washroom facilities and egress areas will clearly verify compliance or deficiencies with regard to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Appraisal Drawings

Providing a Measure Masters™ floor plan to the appraiser may very well enhance the value of your property by demonstrating additional pertinent details that may otherwise be overlooked. Saving time for the appraiser should translate into savings for you.

Tax Assessment Appeals

The area measurements provided by Measure Masters™ can serve as a comparison to records used by county property tax assessors. Rentable and usable areas certified by Measure Masters™ showing less than county records reflect may possibly be used successfully during the appeal process.

Insurance Drawings

Rising costs of all types of insurance demand careful attention. Reduce the possibilities of being over or under insured due to an inaccurate area measurement. With a Measure Masters™ certified floor plan in hand, and on record, you can be assured of protection at a competitive and fair rate for exact replacement of your structure due to damage or loss.

Sales Brochure Drawings

The ultimate goal of real estate marketing material is to convey the proposed property’s details in a factual and enticing manner while making a lasting impression. Floor plans not only refresh the client’s memory of a previous viewing, but allow them to conceptualize their occupancy of proposed space. Special visual effects such as your organizations’ logos and trade marks may be computer scanned by Measure Masters™ and added to your drawings for individual personalization.

Management Tenant Tracking

Asset and Facility Managers require highly detailed drawings of individual tenant areas. The advantage is in simplified record keeping, with regular updates available to keep files current.

Ongoing Update Program

As tenants relocate and/or renovate, it remains important to maintain CADD file drawings. Measure Masters™ archive drawings may be updated by revisiting the site and making necessary computer changes at a modest cost per hour.

Fire Protection

Local fire departments often require detailed, well displayed diagrams denoting the locations of fire exits and fire fighting equipment in all commercial buildings. Isolating these details after the Measure Masters™ initial drawings are complete is an easy task for our unique computer system. Floor plans retained on file with local fire departments enhance the firefighter’s ability to safely negotiate dark and smoke filled areas while in pursuit of minimizing damage and saving lives.